10 septembre 2017

AHS 7×01

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So it’s that time again … september is here. That means going back from holidays to work or school, but more important that means this exciting time of new series or new seasons :)


And this year, for once, the first one who is coming back is … American Horror Story. like always, I’m very exciting to see what Ryan Murphy and his genius team have plan for us. They have been very quiet and secret about this new season, all we know is the cast (I can wait to see Colton Haynes, Lena Durham and Billie Lourd) and the themes seem to be clowns again ( I really believe that what scares me the most) and Donald Trump (which really scares me too^^)


So here I am, on this sunny Sunday afternoon (I couldn’t watch it on Saturday, it was rainy with a little of storm), ready to begin this new journey.


The episode begins with the election of Donald Trumps as the new president. Sarah Paulson and Allison Pill, Ally and Ivy are a married couple with a sweet child named Ozzie. They are devasted with the results, and this night have a really terrible impact on their lives because it makes Ally having all her anxiety and mostly her fear of clowns coming back, leaving her with a lot of hallucinations (but are they really halluconations ?), and having to see a psychiater, played by Cheyenne Jackson.


On the other hand, we have Evan Peters’s character named Kai, which is very pro-Trump, and very extreme in his actions such as throwing his latte at Ally and Ivy because they are together, or pee to a group of latinos so he can film when they attack him as their defense. I have to admit that the smoothie he does with Cheetos so he can put it on his face and look like Trump is pretty scary. He seems very close to Winter, played by Billie Lourd, which seems to be pro-Clinton at the beginning. She becomes Ozzie’s babysitter, and introduced him to more clowns and the dark net… I have to see what she is really scared because we don’t really know what she is thinking.

But the most part of the episode are the creepy clowns, such as in Ally’s hallucinations, or the comic of Twisty from season 4 (why the hell are they doing a comic of him ?????)


The episode ends with the murder of Ally and Ivy’s neighboors, the detective on the case, played by Colton Haynes, says it’s murder-suicide, but Ozzie seems to be pretty sure that clowns did it, leaving us with a lot of questions.


Are the clowns real ?

Did they killed Ally and Ivy’s neighboors ?

Is Winter a psychopath ?

Are the clowns and Kai related, beacause the man who have been killed was kind of not so nice to Kai, leaving him to say a sentence who is going to stay a lot of time in my mind : there is nothing more dangerous than a humilatied man


A lot of questions remained and I can’t wait to see the next episode.  This season seems to be a lot better that the last one in my opinion. More to see next weekend



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